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Hotel Panchsheel, Jaipur - Birajo Cafe & Restra

Hotel Panchsheel, Jaipur - Cafe and Restra1 Hotel Panchsheel, Jaipur - Cafe and Restra2 Hotel Panchsheel, Jaipur - Cafe and Restra3 Hotel Panchsheel, Jaipur - Cafe and Restra4

Most often, eating food isn’t just about satiating your hunger, it is about an experience. That’s the experience we at this 3 star hotel in Jaipur aim to offer.

Birajo, the traditional Rajasthan restaurant is the place that offers you indigenous foods from the state, while giving delectable global recipes. ‘Birajo’ means ‘to sit,’ and formally, it reflects comfortable seating and warm welcome. That’s what our city hotel in Jaipur aims to offer, a warm, calming place where people can enjoy great food extravaganza.

The restaurant at Hotel Panchsheel in Jaipur is beautifully designed and features wonderful bamboo chairs with large head and arm space to ensure that you eat comfortably.

The spacious Restra offered delightful Rajasthani cuisine. The food is always served with a smile and the hospitality will surely find a place in your heart. Our chefs are known for bringing a modern edge to the traditional delicacies. At the same time, they are experts in creating multi-cuisine recipes. So, you can listen to your cravings and cave in.

Our café is a hip, modern place that works as a perfect location for socializing and rendezvous. With plush décor, intimate settings and a choice of decadent coffee, tea and snacks, this café provides you the opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy your life at this city hotel in Jaipur.

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