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Terms & Conditions

By browsing this website or booking services from Hotel Panchsheel, Jaipur you agree to be bound by following terms and conditions. Kindly read them carefully before proceeding.
These Conditions must be read in conjunction with any other applicable terms and conditions governing the use of the Site.


The general terms and conditions listed on the website, along with privacy policy, disclaimer, reservations, cancellations and bookings should constitute as a legally binding act between you and the company. In these terms and conditions, ‘we’ or ‘our’ refers to Hotel Panchsheel, whereas ‘you’ refers to the guest or the guests.


Bookings can be made on the website, The website may direct you to a third party site for a comfortable booking experience. You might be required to have a registered account on the third-party website and may need to prove your identity before making a booking.
Payment must be made during the time of booking. We accept different kinds of online transfers and have special regulations for offline transfers as well. Whenever you book a room, you are requested to produce a booking confirmation upon check-in at the hotel. In case you fail to receive a booking confirmation even after 24-hours of booking, kindly contact us for support.
All bookings are accepted subject to room availability.

Room Rates

YDifferent types are rooms are offered by Hotel Panchsheel. Their room rates can vary. The rates listed online are for per room per night basis. Meals and add-ons are not included in the room rates, unless and otherwise specified.
Room rates may or may not include taxes, depending on the requirements of the local and national government. These taxes will be levied at prevailing rates in Indian currency. Room rates and other details are subject to change without prior notice.


Several amenities are available for all rooms across Hotel Panchsheel. This includes air conditioning, room service, hot and cold shower, television access, complimentary Wi-Fi etc. The details for these amenities are listed next to the accommodations. Kindly note that some of these amenities are not included in room price (example, meal service). These optional amenities are available on request.
Hotel Panchsheel follows a strict No Smoking policy in the hotel premises. Failure to comply with this policy can lead to termination of booking, extra charges and fine. In such case, your booking shall be terminated and you will have to leave the property immediately without any reimbursement.


You are not allowed to bring following to the hotel,

  • Pets (including livestock)
  • Any kind of beddings, such as duvet, blankets or bed sheets.
  • Any electrical appliances for heating and cooking purposes. Contact the staff if you wish to bring hair straighteners and hair blow-dryers.

In case of any restricted items bought to the hotel, Hotel Panchsheel reserves the right to confiscate or remove these items immediately. You may be charged for any costs incurred due to it or any damage caused to the hotel room because of the restricted act.


You are liable to pay for any damages caused to the Hotel premises or the property due to you or other persons in your party. The hotel deserves the right to retain your booking details to charge for the compensation. You may also be required to compensate the expenses incurred or suffered by the hotel due to any damages.

Refusing accommodation

THotel Panchsheel deserves the right to refuse accommodation to you or any other person in your party and terminate the bookings on following grounds,

  • The booking has been made through fraudulent means
  • Booking has been tampered
  • A different person is checking in the hotel instead of the person who booked the room
  • If the client is indulgent in criminal activities
  • As permitted by our Terms and Conditions

Limitation of Liability

Hotel Panchsheel is responsible for providing rooms and services when a booking is made as per its terms and conditions. However, we do not accept any liabilities for circumstances beyond our control. Any liabilities arising out of consequences beyond our control, such as act of war, act of God, terrorism, theft, delay, cancellation etc. shouldn’t be labeled on the hotel. Hotel Panchsheel will not be liable for loss or damage to property left in the rooms, loss of life or injuries due to inherently dangerous activities, personal injury or loss or belongings.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further information. For any queries related to terms and conditions, kindly email us at