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We at Hotel Panchsheel pride ourselves for providing memorable living experiences in the city. At the same time, we also offer Tour and Travels services, designing customized tours for our clients. We also have pre-designed itineraries for people who seek to explore Jaipur and around, making us the leading tour company in Jaipur.

Our Director, Mr. Avanendra Singh is passionate about hospitality and for creating experiences that leave an indelible imprint on minds. At the same time, he is an explorer and a wanderer at heart. Having traveled through the country’s length and breadth, he understands the importance of discovering and reveling in Indian culture. And that’s why, his services go beyond accommodation. He endeavors to take travelers on a journey through an authentic India, where they unravel the exciting mysterious of the country, discover a world of Indian music and dance while delve into the concept of spirituality.

We at Hotel Panchsheel tours and travels in Jaipur have a dedicated group called Panchsheel Tours and Travels that can be your partner in the journey through India. If you are interesting in uncovering the roots of this country, as a solitary traveler or a group vacationer, feel free to join us.

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Agra is a magical place that draws tourists like a moth to a flame! The magical allure of Taj with several other fascinating tombs and mausoleums make it a must-travel place. And while Agra is the legacy of Mughal Empire, Jaipur is the legacy of Rajput Royals. The city of Jaipur is flamboyant and enthralling at the same time. Just a few kilometers away is Ranthambore National park, a 1334 sq. km. jungle that has everything, from crocodiles to tigers to raise your adrenaline levels. Scattered around the place are forts, temples and mosques that would pique your interest. Our tours in Agra focus on its cultural beauty.

Udaipur-Mount Abu

Quite no place else in the world, Udaipur is situated besides the shimmering Lake Pichola. The romance and royal settings of this city are unmatched. Its fantastical palaces and colorful streets makes the place so exciting. One of the most romantic spots in the country, Udaipur is best explored with Mount Abu, the only hill station in the state of Gujarat. Hit with honeymooners and vacationers alike, Mount Abu has a rich flora and fauna with a small wildlife sanctuary that will help you have the rendezvous with the wild.


The colorful, chaotic and captivating streets of Jaipur must be explored once in a lifetime. This enthralling historical city has City Palace, a place that housed royal families, a royal observatory called Jantar Mantar, a beautiful Amer Fort and the honeycomb resembling Hawa Mahal. Closely located is the city of Ajmer, which is bustling and chaotic, rugged and beautiful at the same time. Explore significant Muslim architecture at this place while discovering the Jainism center of religion. Just 13 km. away from Ajmer is the city of Pushkar, which is unlike any place you will see in Rajasthan. Tours in Rajasthan are designed to particularly focus on these things. The city has prime religious importance for Hindus and its beautiful Holy Lake is a must visit.


Agra may seem like a hyped place. But once you visit it, you will realize that the hype is worth it. And while Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful places in the world and a modern wonder, it isn’t a standalone attraction in the city. There is so much to enjoy in Agra, especially when you tour it with other culturally relevant places in India. The Golden Triangle of Agra-Delhi and Jaipur is a must visit. Jaipur in itself is a marvelous beauty, a city that’s every bit royal. Delhi on the other hand is mysterious, magical and full of mayhem. India’s capital is stunning, combines medieval and modern quite appropriately and has streets that will make you fall in love with the city!


The breathtaking sight of Jaisalmer Fort with the twisting lanes and the stunning markets, Jaisalmer manages to enchant everyone. The city is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the country, known for its camel rides and Havelis. A laid back and hassle free place, Jaisalmer is mostly visited with Jodhpur, which encapsulates your mind with the Mighty and muscular Mehrangarh fort. The blue city is really and definitely all blue, with shops and bazars that sell beautiful things. The medieval streets of this place are a must visit and so is its modern city walls that have tourist places and markets.


The enthralling historical city of Jaipur is exceptionally beautiful, enchantingly colorful, chaotic and majestic at the same time. The city heart is in the city Palace as well as the royal observatory called the Jantar Mantar. And then, the star attraction is the Amer Fort, which has its whole fairy tale grandeur. The Hawa Mahal is situated in the middle of the city and located close by are several markets that serve some of the most decadent indigenous meals from Rajasthan. You can enjoy special tours in Jaipur and stay at our boutique hotel for a mesmerizing experience.